Scam or Legit? Clout Pay

Certified Clout Pay

Hello, my name is Connor. I took it upon myself to review the website, “Clout Pay”. I discovered the website about a month ago but had also been asked by a few of my friends that happen to stumble across it as well to review it. Below is my entire review of Clout Pay.

Never heard of Clout Pay?

To get a more practical grasp of how to use Clout Pay we must first know exactly what it is. From a few minutes of scanning the website, It came to me that Clout Pay happened to be an Influencer Network. If you aren’t sure what an “Influencer Network” is exactly I can help you a bit, it’s basically a website (ex: Clout Pay) working through and with its members and social networking apps as well. The website was developed around 2015 and since then has caught the eye of over 300,000 users.

What I first see

Something that really stuck out to me was the websites minimalist format. I love how the most important points were precise yet full of the information that I’d need to start making money. For future reviews of a website such as Clout Pay, most scams will include a plethora of extra information to seem more reliable.

What do you do?

Your task as a member is pretty simple. There are two things you must do; sign up and share. The sign-up promotion was as simple as expected. In addition to signing up, Clout Pay requires us, members, to invite to the website and in return cause a ripple effect. After inviting you to start earning.


Signing up was a breeze, after giving the required information you’re immediately brought to the dashboard. At first glance, the dashboard held something I felt was the most important throughout the entire process, your referral link.


Unlike others, I wasn’t nervous to start sharing the link. I shared among many social networking apps, and that I could of actually.  I was more than eager to see results and indeed I did.

How It Works

Although I had been sharing my link I still wanted to know how it would make me money. After some research, it actually sounded pretty simple. Whenever I invited someone I would be contributing to traffic on the website. Traffic then expands the ad revenue which could also lead to sponsoring products which in return would increase sponsor relations.

Payment Process

After all, inviting the first thing that was on my mind was getting paid. The process of getting paid was probably the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. When I was ready to receive my payment I simply requested my desired amount and choose my method of distribution. The methods of distribution vary from Cash App, PayPal, Bitcoin, and mailed checks. My process was quick, so I got paid without any complications or delays.

Proof of Payment

While reviewing something I saw really surprised me. Several members shared the payments from Clout Pay. I was shown actual payment notifications with real-time notifications. This encouraged me to start earning my own money. I’ve spent about a month using the website and I’ve accumulated about 5,000 dollars from one week of using Clout Pay.

Last thoughts

After receiving my payment and actually getting what I earned from Clout Pay I came to the conclusion that it was not a scam. I’ve even contemplated making this a side job because this is too good to pass.

Clout Pay

Instant payments 10.0
Multiple task 10.0
Customer support 9.5