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Privacy-Focused Incognito Launches Online Game with 1 BTC Up for Grabs



The game and its brain tasking exercises come with rewards including among others 0.1 XMR, 0.001 BTC, 1 free year of a VPN, an Incognito Node, 1 free spin on the prize wheel, and 1 whole BTC.

Privacy-focused startup Incognito has launched an online gaming event that doubles as a treasure hunt in a bid to educate people about privacy. According to Decrypt, the game involves searching the internet for various clues with lots of prizes including privacy coins and Bitcoin (BTC) to be won.

How Privacy-Focused Incognito Game Works

As detailed by the company, anyone with an internet connection is invited to join the contest by downloading the Incognito mobile app from either Google PlayStore, Apple’s App Store, or by downloading the app’s APK file. Upon download of the app, users will need to start by opening the app. Upon opening, they will need to tap on the ‘Quest’ icon.

Then users will need to tap on the revealed Chests to unveil clues that point to QR codes that have been hidden all over the internet. The QR codes once found are to be scanned to unlock the chest. The privacy-focused game from Incognito is a game of numbers and each chest has a specified number of people needed to find the QR codes before the chest can be opened.

Incognito noted that among the places on the internet where the QR Codes are hidden include Social media comments (like replies to tweets), YouTube video thumbnails, YouTube video descriptions, Online forum posts, online articles, and lots more. The search and find for the QR Code will then be succeeded by the opening of the chest which can either be empty for unlucky participants, open with the accompanying Quest rewards as well as locked, should the minimum number of people required to scan the QR Code aren’t completed by the end of the event.

The game and its brain tasking exercises come with rewards including 0.1 XMR, 10 PRV, 0.001 BTC, 1 free year of a VPN, an Incognito Node, 1 free spin on the prize wheel, and 1 whole BTC worth $17,744.62 at the time of writing according to CoinMarketCap. These rewards are randomly awarded based on free spins at the opening of each chest. 

Enhancing Privacy as Fundamental Focus of Blockchain

The move by privacy-focused Incognito to educate and create awareness about privacy through an inclusive online gaming event as has been highlighted is a way to further one of the primary focuses of blockchain technology. 

Besides blockchain, the entire web ecosystem today is tilting towards privacy as many people now get conscious of who has access to their data, and what these data can be used for. These privacy-related concerns as privacy activists in the European Union filed complaints against Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) over iPhone tracking.

With privacy still a relatively budding focus in the tech space, Incognito’s move will further help spread the word about its essentiality.

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Benjamin Godfrey is a blockchain enthusiast and journalists who relish writing about the real life applications of blockchain technology and innovations to drive general acceptance and worldwide integration of the emerging technology. His desires to educate people about cryptocurrencies inspires his contributions to renowned blockchain based media and sites. Benjamin Godfrey is a lover of sports and agriculture.

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West Coast Aquaculture (WCA) Completes $3.65M IPO with Over 89% Raised via Tether (USDT)



West Coast Aquaculture (WCA) stocks are now listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange under the SSX code 833.

As cryptocurrencies get globally accepted, an Australian-based West Coast Aquaculture (WCA) has announced that it successfully completed raising $3.65 million via IPO with over 89% through Tether (USDT). According to news outlet Coindesk, the WCA crypto IPO was facilitated by a fintech firm STAX. “The successful WCA capital raise and IPO, paves the way for the future of capital markets in Australia”, said STAX CEO Kenny Lee.

The use of digital assets to raise funds will significantly revolutionize global IPOs as more people who would have otherwise been locked out can now access with much ease.

“We are allowing access to a market which has been hard for overseas investors to get into, and it will only benefit Australian businesses longer term,” Lee explained.

West Coast Aquaculture (WCA) stocks are now listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange under the SSX code 833. According to the IPO files, WCA, which is an international fisheries company with an Asia Pacific presence, anticipates to use the funds to expand its business operations. Notably, the company indicated that it will focus more on its supply chain to ensure the future growth of its business.

“We are proud to be part of this historic moment in Australian investment history, said Neo Ching Hoe, CEO and founder of WCA. “We hope this bold initiative helps open the door to more global investment for local companies,” added he.

The Bigger Picture of WCA Crypto-Backed IPO

Companies in different sectors of the market are now understanding the fact that the use of the latest technologies including blockchain technology will put them ahead of their competitors. Blockchain technology has many uses that are bound to boom in the next few years, particularly in the cryptocurrency industry.

Despite the challenges involved with dealing with digital assets including possible scams and cyber attacks, they promise to revolutionize our financial system in a great way.

Notably, WCA crypto IPO has coincided with the ongoing crypto volatility that has seen most assets rally in the past few days. The increased volatility is an aspect that can bring unprecedented chaos during an IPO if not properly managed. However, thanks to the development of stablecoins, the volatility issue was completely eradicated.

The stablecoin industry, which has tremendously grown in the past few months has experienced a huge demand globally. According to the metrics provided by CoinGecko, the stablecoin industry has a market capitalization of $24,816,940,078 with its past 24-hour trading volume at $78,736,340,870. Notably, its past 24-hour trading volume is much higher than Ethereum and Bitcoin trading volumes.

This is a clear indication of the huge demand for stablecoins in the global market.

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Bitcoin Price Hovering Close to $20K While XRP Shocks Crypto Market with 2-Year High



Bitcoin and XRP are not the only currencies whose price has shown such performance. Other altcoins like Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK) are on a steady rise as well.

This week, Bitcoin (BTC) and XRP (XRP) are under the spotlight of crypto enthusiasts as the price of both currencies has shocked the community. While Bitcoin is on the way to break the $20k level, XRP has managed to soar by nearly 80% to hit $0.79, which is the highest since May 10, 2018.

Bitcoin Price to Reach $19,000

On November 24, the Bitcoin price has surpassed $19,000 for the first time in almost three years. And obviously, the top crypto is striving towards another milestone of $20k. This month so far, Bitcoin is about 40% up. Year-to-date, it is 160% up. Wall Street analysts are very optimistic about BTC’s future and believe it is standing good chances to surpass its all-time high record of $19,657.30 set on December 17, 2017.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there has been high interest from both institutional and retail investors. Therefore, Bitcoin is experiencing a bull run now. In addition, the Wall Street Journal bets on Bitcoin’s further growth in 2021.

Mati Greenspan, portfolio manager and founder of Quantum Economics, said:

“The main difference between now and the 2017 rally is that back then the market was driven by retail speculation and now it’s being driven by corporations and billionaires.”

At the moment of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $19,148 per coin. BTC market cap has totaled $355.2 billion.

XRP Soars as Airdrop Frenzy Builds

XRP is another coin that has shocked the crypto community with rapid growth. In 48 hours, it has surged by about 80%. Its 7-day growth has totaled 119%. Earlier today, the XRP price reached a high of $0.79, the highest level since May 10, 2018. Currently, XRP is trading at $0.67. Its market cap is $30.3 billion.

As analysts have explained, XRP’s jump results from the smart contract platform Flare Network’s airdrop of “spark” tokens to XRP holders. In particular, 45 billion spark tokens, based on a snapshot of XRP addresses, will be distributed on December 12. The initiative is supported by Ripple’s investment arm RippleX (formerly Xpring).

Jehan Chu, a managing partner at Hong Kong blockchain investment firm Kenetic Capital, stated:

“The impending airdrop is supercharging the XRP bull market and whipping mindshare of one of the largest crypto communities into a frenzy. With the imminent launch of Flare, a smart contract utility fork of XRP, the pair will attempt to challenge Ethereum’s dominance in decentralized finance and decentralized applications.”

Notably, Bitcoin and XRP are not the only currencies whose price has shown such performance. Other altcoins like Ethereum (ETH), Chainlink (LINK) are on a steady rise as well. ETH climbed a new high since June 2018 to $600 in the early hours of trading today, while LINK surged 740% in its year-to-date record.

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Japan’s SBI Group Launches Crypto Lending Service



Customers would be able to earn 1% on their deposits for 84 days. Currently, deposits of as low as 0.1 BTC and as high as 5 BTC will be allowed.

Japanese financial giant SBI Group has announced that it has hit the ground running with crypto lending service starting today.

According to the company, this is being done through its subsidiary SBI VC Trade. The company has decided not to charge any fee for account management or annual membership. Also, there would not be any fee on crypto and Japanese Yen deposits. However, charges would apply for Yen withdrawals.

SBI Group has made tremendous progress in the last few months as its derivative arm SBI Liquidity Market bought an exchange called TaoTao. Also, a number of businesses have been facilitated through its subsidiary.

Details of the SBI Group New Crypto Lending Service

According to the report, the company will initially start with Bitcoin, then along the line add the likes of Ethereum and XRP. Also, the service will add optimal trading opportunities. Customers would have the opportunity to lend cryptos to the company for a stated interest depending on the duration period. Customers would be able to earn 1% on their deposits for 84 days. Currently, deposits of as low as 0.1 BTC and as high as 5 BTC will be allowed to take advantage of the fleeing customers of Cred, a crypto lending platform that has been said to have filed for bankruptcy.

In 2019, SBI Group benefitted a lot from its massive cryptocurrency investment side that saw the company surging by $19.2% on its securities and making a profit of $30 million.

Also, the SBI mining crypto which appears to be the cryptocurrency mining business of the company recorded significant growth. The SBI Ripple Asia has as well been said to be on the verge of covering 50% of the entire network after it is connected. The newly introduced crypto lending service is just one of the many introduced business arms of the company that has the potential to flourish.

The main challenge SBI Group is likely to face is reliability. Customers always face the risk of dealing with a company that may file for bankruptcy in the long run. In the case of Cred, some reports believe that the company mismanaged its funds.

SBI Group has decided to solve this challenge by referring their customers and potential customers to the reliability of the parent company. The announcement published on their website establishes that SBI Group owns all the customer lending destinations for the crypto lending services on the website. They stated that customers can work with them in confidence with their credibility as the reason.

Crypto lending services have over the past few years gained popularity as it appears to solve two main challenges. Firstly, holders can leverage their assets without the need to liquidate them. Secondly, holders can enjoy the surge in the crypto price and at the same time enjoy the interest in the assets.

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Excellent John K. Kumi is a cryptocurrency and fintech enthusiast, operations manager of a fintech platform, writer, researcher, and a huge fan of creative writing. With an Economics background, he finds much interest in the invisible factors that causes price change in anything measured with valuation. He has been in the crypto/blockchain space in the last five (5) years. He mostly watches football highlights and movies in his free time.

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